The Sound Hunter project comes from the irresistible desire to record sounds from our world, seeking out new cultures in order to obtain unknown sounds and melodies.

The Sound Hunter is the result of two years of intensive audio recording. Wandering through Australia, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Scandinavia and bits of Europe with a stereo mic and a sound recorder, accumulating about 6000 sounds, musics and atmospheres that can be downloaded from Sound fishing


soundhunter-cd-cover-front  the-soundhunter_street-music  australie-nature

These various trips inspired me in the creation of two CDs, retracing different tracks I stepped in. The former is a sound journey through India and Nepal whilst the latter is a compilation of different street buskers recorded here and there. Soundfishing also created a sound map based on recordings I have made in Australia called “Australie nature”.

I make use of all these recordings to create soundscapes and sound designs in my assignments projects.